Reasons to Use Life Science Staffing Agencies

Recruitment agencies looking for life science professionals are widely misunderstood, especially in the job-hunting industry. While a lot of people apply directly to companies or employers to get a job, the added value that most recruiters can bring to candidates and clients slip under the radar.

Although there are situations where applying directly to the employers may be more appropriate, in some cases, getting in touch with life science recruiters will have a significant advantage to applicants. Recruitment consultants dedicate themselves to becoming specialists in a particular field of science recruitment.

It allows these experts to provide the candidate with the most efficient and relevant job searching experience, resulting in successful placements that best suits the applicant’s wants and needs. As a candidate who is looking for jobs related to life sciences, there is a lot of untapped potential waiting for them at the end of the line with the help of a recruiter. Listed below are some of the reasons why.

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Knowledge of the market

Internal talent acquisition and Human Resource teams should have a firm understanding of the job they’re trying to fill, especially the market. Although it is usually the case for the majority of the people looking for jobs, the nature of the role means that in-house recruiters are generally looking to fill positions in different areas of the business.

Here lies the advantage of applying through a recruitment agency, especially if these agencies work with specialists. They will have direct knowledge of the market in a specific field and how the industry changes over time. It includes the knowledge of the job market, as well as the broader scientific sector.

These recruiters are not restricted by the employer’s brand, unlike in-house recruiters, that is why they can offer an honest and unique perspective. It is the recruiting agency’s job to find out the companies that are hiring. It can range from small biotechnology companies to some of the biggest and most popular pharma firms in the world. They are most likely to have access to positions before they appear on job boards or social media sites.

Recruitment agencies and biotech staffing firms can help applicants to get the right interview before the public start applying through the employer’s website. Even though applying direct to the company may help guarantee that your Curriculum Vitae or CV is seen by the Human Resource department, going through the recruitment agency will help applicants jump to the top of the heap, and increase their chances of securing that valuable interview.

It could be argued that recruitment agencies release not all positions, and usually, it is the case. But staffing agencies have access to a lot of other opportunities that will not be posted or advertised publicly and readily available to a lot of candidates. It usually happens if they have established a relationship with clients, like an upcoming biotech firm, that has yet to be recognized by the market but is hiring for a breakthrough and exciting projects.

Knowing the market as it changes means that recruitment firms will know if applicants are being paid what they are worth. The direct application makes it more difficult for applicants to openly discuss their requirements, especially their salary expectations, as there is no third-party to negotiate on the applicant’s behalf with the employer.

Knowledge, only specialists, have

To expand on the points mentioned above, life science recruiting firms are trained to be experts in their field. For example, a lot of consultancies have educational backgrounds in life sciences, such as degree or years of industry experiences.

These experts’ knowledge affords a clear understanding of how the industry works, as well as give the right insight into industry and market trends. It will help applicants understand what is happening in the industry and make the right moves to make sure that their career is headed in the right direction. Meeting a recruiter can open the applicant’s eyes to ideas they may not have thought of.

Because of their knowledge in a specific field, they can expose them to a lot of opportunities that they did not know were important to their skill-set. But it is not usually the case at generalist recruitment firms, or for people who work across different industries.

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The firm’s relationship with clients

In recent years, social media websites like LinkedIn have been pretty useful to applicants in search of their dream job. Creating relationships and building networks with the right company or person has become very important to successful navigation in people’s careers through the competitive industry. Although it may enable applicants to forge their way without the help of recruiters, it is still pretty hard to cut through the industry noise and connect with busy professionals without some form of support.

Recruitment experts, in effect, do all the hard work, for the applicants. By the time they discuss the job opportunity with the consultants, a lot of background work has already been done to get into this stage. Agencies can help people make valuable connections with employers, as well as professionals that will benefit their career progression. These firms have already met with businesses to help understand their needs.

Future employees will get all the inside information without spending a lot of time, energy, and money. It is worth considering that these services are entirely free of charge to candidates, as fees will be recovered from companies. Applicants have nothing to lose by using these services and exploring how it can help them with their careers.

Not only that, after a discussion with recruiters, people will also know more about the position they are applying in, compared to if they are merely seen the job posted on the company’s website. Individuals looking for a job will be provided with salary range details, the exact location of the company, clinical research phase, therapy area, as well as information on the projects they are working on as of the moment.

During ongoing communication and meetings with clients, these services find out more than the finer details of the available position. They will get a feeling for the softer side. It includes understanding the team dynamics, getting a clearer insight into the company’s strategy, as well as their company culture. This type of information can benefit applicants as these services can math their skill-set, personality, and experience with the ideal employer for them.